Robert Haigh

Riding Out the Storm

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

When lady luck has turned her back on you,
And nothing seems to work, choose what you do,
You still keep on believing things will change.
You know deep down your goals are within range.
You find a way of riding out the storm.

When all your plans go tumbling down the stairs,
And God, it seems, does not answer your prayers,
You don't give up. You fight, and carry on.
Your instincts say the battle can be won.
You steel yourself for riding out the storm.

We all face trouble sometime in our life,
When dark days bring adversity and strife.
But you can bear the burden and the pain,
And surely you'll see brighter days again.
Just hold on tight. You're riding out the storm.


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2018