Robert Haigh

These Paths and Lanes

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

These paths and lanes I've walked along
So many times before.
They've barely changed throughout the years;
Still steeped in days of yore.
Old memories cry out to me,
And tales of family lore.

The cottage where my parents lived
Lies empty, looking sad.
I smile as I recall once more
The happy times we had.
But that was oh so long ago,
When I was just a lad.

St Martin's church, with steeple tall,
Stands proudly on the hill.
My uncle Joe once rang those bells,
And they are ringing still.
Old Joe's long gone; he's buried there,
Along with auntie Jill.

The farmland, stretching out for miles,
Has hardly changed at all.
The cattle grazing in the fields
Are just as I recall.
Same trees — the ones I used to climb —
Still stand there, by the wall.

I turn, then walk back to my car,
Parked down beside the green.
I think about the friends I had,
Now gone, or never seen.
A two-hour drive and I'll be home.
She'll ask, "Where have you been?"


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017