Robert Haigh

Armchair Critic

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

He is an armchair critic
Who likes to watch the news
Staring at his old TV
He mumbles as he views
And when the politicians speak
He almost blows a fuse!

He disagrees with everything
Or so it seems these days
He doesn't like the news anchor
Or half of what she says
It seems to him the world's gone mad
In oh so many ways

He sits there in his old armchair
With no-one else around
He seldom turns the TV off
He craves that constant sound
It drives away the loneliness
That's one thing that he's found

He's an old forgotten soldier
A hero from the war
He seldom speaks about those days —
The horrors that he saw.
He sometimes sits and ponders
And asks
  "What was it for?"


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017