Vivian Stuart

When I Fell

Vivian Stuart is an aspiring Canadian author, artist and book-lover extraordinaire. Her favourite genre of writing is historical fiction, however her FBOAT (Favourite Book Of All Time) is the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. She has written several poems and a novel called 'Time Will Tell'. H…

When I Fell,
It hurt.
But only at first.
Then I felt swell!
I wanted to do it again and again!
Because the pain faded so fast
(And indeed, I did not want it to last)
I held barely a memory of it.
All I knew
Was the feeling
Of being airborne;
Of Flying.
For a moment, I felt free.
And then -
I Fell.

When I Fell
It hurt.
Then the hurt faded.
I only felt - well . . .
But soon, although I didn't forget the pain,
I remembered the other things - the rain,
Our walks, the sunsets, our words exchanged.
And I remembered
The feeling
Of being Loved,
Of Loving.
And I didn't care as much that I Fell.

When I Fell,
I cried.
But the sun came out, and my tears dried.
And I felt hope.
And I got up.
And I walked on.
And I Learned
That when you fall
You may feel down
But something will turn your frown
And you will remember the good
And love again.