Sterling Warner

Words, Words, Words

A Pushcart Prize Nominee, Sterling Warner’s poems and short fiction have appeared in dozens of international literary magazines, journals, and anthologies such as FLATBUSH REVIEW, SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, and STREET LIT: REPRESENTING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE. Additionally, Warner also has written SIX (6) co…

Like an albatross,
the word hangs around
my neck seeking
symbolic self-expression
sometimes pensive,
more often blithe texts,
constantly pursuing an
audience willing to
listen to new stories
rather than an ancient
mariner’s repeated tale.

I mine for words that
bring blush to bloodless
cheeks, smiles to weathered
faces, adventure to inert bodies,
romance into empty lives;
words remove shackles
transporting readers through
timeless bonds of oblivion to
islands in the sky where worlds
wait on imagination to evolve,
emancipating action from thoughts.