Tania thompson-Spencer

You never change

Tania has been writing poetry since the age of 11 with works that include overcomer.

Lord I will never worry about the what if's...
I will simply live in today..
I know with out a shadow of a doubt..
You are in control,
Then & Now
All those years you kept me ,
Didn't matter what my parents did or didn't do..
I am truly never alone..
In the book of psalms,
You said how you knew me in the most secret place of
my mother womb..
That makes you my real father..
Thank you for knowing my true intentions before,
They could be compromised,
By this fallen world..
I am grateful to know what heaven looks like...
Where you love us for simply being your creation...
Where the rain truly washes, Away the sin of the world..
We don't see sin in our brother.
We are simply happy to see another day..
Delighted to give our lives ..
Because you have given us something truly better..
Heaven it self...

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