Ehsan Sehgal

Incomplete Without You

Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were…

Whenever I realize the Self
I feel You
In several dimensions;
In my heartbeat, You
In my thoughts, You
In my breathing, You
In my sight of eyes, You
Even though
I imagine myself as a Sea
Whereas its sound
And waves are, You
Otherwise, it is soundless
And silent
I hold the body
But its soul is You
I do not know
Who You are
Where You are
Despite that
I wish you may complete me
Oh, Flower of Beauty
Since I am incomplete,
Without You.