Albertina Theresa Cameron

The Struggle Is On

Albertina Cameron is the oldest of three children from Florence south Carolina. She has a son, daughter and two granddaughters. She loves writing poetry although her poems have never been published.

This black woman is strong, multi-talented through poetry and songs.
Mother of two children and two grands, still trusting in Jesus who has my life in his hands.
And through the storm in testing time of trials and tribulations that seems so long
I'm determined though the struggle is on.
At any given point in life don't give up "fight the good fight" and hold on
yes the struggle is on
On for a better life through grief and strife, set goals that you can't see in order to reach
Another life's lesson that you'll be able to share and teach
Life's so brief, while you yet live strive for excellence and quit the sob story of pity and grief.