Tania thompson-Spencer

Bad blood

Tania has been writing poetry since the age of 11 with works that include overcomer.

How do you clean up Bad Blood?
Bad Blood...
Can cause people to die ..
Cleaning this Blood is doing more than making me cry..
It is making me strong were I considered myself weak..
It is making me get on my knees with god being all I seek..
Cleaning up Bad Blood..
Unbeknownst to myself..
Walking down my own path experiencing my own death..
Holy Spirit I have nothing left...
Bad blood … I have risen..
If power feels like this ..
I give it to the father...
After this Blood is cleaned up ..
Let them praise no other..
 Let them be like me a certified god lover...
Thank You for healing a sore so deep within..
Helping cleanse my forefathers sin ...

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