I am looking beyond written 'histories' for truths that are intentionally disguised within words by way of using modern terms

Founded upon usurpation of established
Carnage he backs
More gangs steal what's laid ahead
Unattached to the chain…I thought
Applied dream with convict shunt
Into a real nightmare with sleepers put to bed
Their line's the fault
A patchy marred concept
Neglecting all reservations
Full steam ahead
Make sure that duplicity links
Those with plaits form places
Whipped up in frenzy
The tracks are still there for all to see

The train's coming in
The train's coming in
The trained coming in
The chained coming in

Remain unattached to the chains that do bind me
In this world of pain where their idol keeps me
Their heavenly Hell, where they site me
Eradicate many with a face that match me
Took away my tongue now I don’t sound like me
Head full; fill with false news about me
Every day I struggle to keep insanity outside me
Holding on to the last vestige of me that is still me
Please, please do not let the perpetual emotion of hurt reside deep inside me
Why is their instigator of life not allowing beauty to fill me?
Head fall, feel whip; force noose about me
Every day is a struggle to keep in sanity…
Inside me