Hubbs is a Londoner looking beyond written 'histories' for truths untold

The well of life, the succulent breast for all to grow
Comforts Creations' lives throughout its motional flow
This global liquescent presence, this life prompting source
Conducive waves of excitation produced by this undeniable force
Yet with calming fluidity gently eases to ashore, all comes to form
A Nubient cadence swells and gyrates this aqueous sequacious platform
Global rhythms ride tides to ignite collective subconscious sequences
Permeating current for current to exist when or wherever it frequenches
As skies reflect on this refractive surface, shimmering and glistening
A deliquescent touch, splashing, swaying, trickling, caressing and kissing
Tuned to an audible silence, so many harmonies of peaceful souls
Celestial visions aroused as night stars spotlights all that unfolds