Hubbs is a Londoner looking beyond written 'histories' for truths untold

Experimentation of rats performed in labs on mice
Is this truly for improvement of our health or to speed up our untimely demise?
As we hand over our grip to lives it seems as though we are guinea pigs
Cede so big pharmas reap wealth hand over fist
The pathologist path of logic is to deal with symptoms in ways designed to look good yet holds patients to ransom
With no apologies or patience, treat, meant not to cure but for us to repetitively prescribe to seeing the good doctor is paid handsome
As best to my knowledge all the talk is about poisons added to drugs ruthlessly
Asbestos to my knowledge added to talc caused ovarian cancer
"Mr chairman if stricter methods for testing were mandatory could you truthlessly support the purity claims of your company?" "Well... can sir?"