Hell fee

Hubbs is a Londoner looking beyond written 'histories' for truths untold

Poisonous supplements are callously sold through greed
Sufferers developed with irresistible urges to fill a need
Afflicted by symptoms pills barely if at all impede
One can try in vain to deftly intervene ailments that herbs long remedied
However alternative therapy is banned, it has long been decreed
Yes 'Nature' has been tried and sentenced for providing cures in weed
Now illnesses compounded by legal compounds medically agreed
There is no difference if the black market or chemist sells this feed?
The addicted returns for poison, another dies in sleep, choked or O.D’d
Evidence collected suggest if an addict does rise they will find it hard to proceed
Easily dragged back because of lingering temptation many still owe deed
All their proceeds subscribe to the advertised and readily available; it's hard to be freed