Nikhil Parekh

Life- A Non-Negotiable Compromise

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

Whether you face it with exuberantly unconquerable gusto; or whether you unrelentingly keep fretting for its tyrannical share of inevitable ruthlessness,

Whether you face it with endlessly triumphant euphoria; or whether you disdainfully blame even the most nimbly silken step that you tread,

Whether you face it with bountifully unprecedented charisma; or whether you wither away like a derogatorily insipid leaf in front of its sporadically uncouth vagaries,

Whether you face it with ebulliently relentless enchantment; or whether you keep fretting uncontrollably like a dilapidated corpse; fed up of its manipulative lambasting,

Whether you face it with stupendously exhilarating ecstasy; or whether you keep intransigently abusing it for impoverishing you so barbarously; while at the same time feeding your egalitarian counterparts in plates of pure gold,

Whether you face it with ardently irrevocable tenacity; or whether you whether you implacably slander it for rendering you as insipidly capricious as a forlornly withering leaf; for ostensibly no fault of yours,

Whether you face it with ingratiatingly timeless fascination; or whether you keep cursing it with ominously pugnacious fanaticism; for the baseless bickering it gave you on your hindside; ever since you were an innocuous child,

Whether you face it with unflinchingly intrepid exultation; or whether you indefatigably shoot at it for not catapulting you to the epitome of vibrant prosperity; for even the most heroically paradigm of your deeds,

Whether you face it with unfathomably impregnable solidarity; or whether you viciously stab at it with even the most infinitesimal element of your countenance; for snatching the only roof from above your desolate head,

Whether you face it with uninhibitedly divinely contentment; or whether you impudently spit on it for inexplicably crippling you with insidious disease,

Whether you face it with astronomically aristocratic courage; or whether you cannibalistically ostracize it for its vicissitude of precariously uncanny discrepancies,

Whether you face it with unsurpassable unassailable determination; or whether you perennially hid your nonchalantly trembling skin; from its flamingly prowling eyes,

Whether you face it with blissfully cavorting happiness; or whether you weep a billion tears a minute; for it horrifically divesting you of your pristinely near and dear,

Whether you face it with celestially fructifying enthusiasm; or whether you assassinate it using every trace of your priceless blood; for not listening to the inner most tunes of your passionately mesmerizing heart,

Whether you face it with royally silken graciousness; or whether you uselessly expend every unfurling minute of your day; thunderously castigating its winds of gratuitously indiscriminate inequality,

Whether you face it with everlastingly iridescent eclecticism; or whether you deliberately sink you pathetic form infinite feet beneath your grave; just to escape its unending labyrinth of harsh realities,

Whether you face it with unstoppably patriotic breath; or whether you tirelessly attempt to entirely snap its ungainly wings; for not supporting you to transcend to
the ultimate heavenly paradise,

Whether you face it with immortally insuperable love; or whether you wanted it to diminish away like a gutter of frigidly futile worm; for parasitically sucking every iota of your amiable camaraderie and happiness,

For if you are not the Omnipotently Almighty Lord; life was; is and will always remain to be a tornado of inexplicable vacillations; a Sun which at times rises
and at times coldbloodedly sets; a flower which at times blossoms into optimistic fragrance and at times invidiously crumbles away; an ocean which at times swirls towards the majestic sky and at times is nothing but a bed of lackadaisically
decrepit stones,

So its better if you faced it smilingly and without the slightest of cacophonic regret; because for every organism breathing and blessedly alive and not the Lord Divine; life has been and will always continue to be a nonnegotiable compromise.