Nikhil Parekh

Just Unite

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an aut…

Don't philosophize; just fantasize,
Don't cry; just create,
Don't beg; just bang,
Don't surrender; just smash,
Don't extinguish; just evolve,
Don't drift; just daunt,
Don't rhyme; just revolve,
Don't go; just gallop,
Don't haunt; just Halloween,
Don't inundate; just inspire,
Don't wilt; just wink,
Don't jinx; just jog,
Don't kick; just kiss,
Don't meander; just mix,
Don't loot; just love,
Don't ogle; just ooze,
Don't quack; just quell,
Don't tear; just tie,
Don't smother; just sing,
Don't abuse, just admire,
Don't brag; just believe,
Don't punch; just procreate,
Don't falsify; just fire,
Don't abhor; just appease,
Don't bark; just become,
Don't fidget; just finish,
Don't expose, just embrace,
Don't throw; just thrive,
Don't waste, just wrap,
Don't command; just commiserate,
Don't emancipate; just engulf,
Don't dry; just dream,
Don't beguile; just bond,
Don't massacre; just merge,
Don't cling; just clap,
Don't hang; just habituate,
Don't squabble; just seduce,
Don't despair; just dance,
Don't blurt; just benign,
Don't treason; just team,
Don't reason; just rhyme,
Don't pierce; just peace,
Don't seize; just smile,
Don't frown; just frolick,
Don't relinquish; just ride,
Don't growl; just grin,
Don't sweat; just sweeten,
Don't coax; just captivate,
Don't fulminate; just free,
Don't stick; just suckle,
Don't poison; just proliferate,
Don't slaver; just shimmer,
Don't retrospect; just respect,
Don't comment; just compliment,
Don't muse; just music,
Don't brood; just blossom,
Don't flaunt; just face,
Don't tyrannize; just titillate,
Don't irritate; just idolize,
Don't latch; just leap,
Don't hijack; just heal,
Don't jabber; just joy,
Don't bombard; just bring,
Don't piece; just peace,
Don't sneak; just seek,
Don't abridge; just attune,
Don't parry; just print,
Don't maudlin; just milk,
Don't belch; just begin,
Don't discriminate; just darling,
Don't frazzle; just flirt,
Don't zigzag; just zip,
Don't pervade; just purify,
Don't sin; just sanctify,
Don't dull; just dart,
Don't demolish; just donate,
Don't measure; just maverick,
Don't rotate; just remember,
Don't grimace; just gyrate,
Don't desert; just drool,
Don't brazen; just bear,
Don't dim; just dazzle,
Don't maraud; just melange,
Don't fix; just freelance,
Don't zombie; just zing,
Don't elongate; just engender,
Don't corrigendum; just clean,
Don't duplicate; just dream,
Don't squelch; just spawn,
Don't clown; just consecrate,
Don't nuisance; just news,
Don't attack; just acclimatize,
Don't mew; just mollify,
Don't holocaust; just harbor,
Don't incinerate; just irrigate,
Don't beguile; just blatant,
Don't boo; just booze,
Don't ennui; just eternalize,
Don't adjudicate; just adjust,
Don't bludgeon; just bloom,
Don't misguide; just mesmerize,
Don't redirect; just read,
Don't renunciate; just restore,
Don't dodge; just disseminate,
Don't misconceive; just mitigate,
Don't forge; just form,
Don't fudge; just flow,
Don't drain; just date,
Don't impersonate; just incorporate,
Don't psychic; just patronize,
Don't fire; just fantasize,
Don't menace; just marvel,
Don't drown; just devote,
Don't retreat; just relish,
Don't jail; just jingle,
Don't whimper; just whistle,
Don't expect; just accept,
Don't spread; just sanctify,
Don't break; just bring,
Don't fight; just free,
Don't groan; just grow,
Don't batter; just bounce,
Don't preach; just pass,
Don't shout; just scintillate,
Don't argue; just adore,
Don't dither'; just dream,
Don't stamp; just salute,
Don't deny; just do,
Don't simmer; just scintillate,
Don't recoil; just reinvigorate,
Don't grunt; just give,
Don't remove; just redial,
Don't tonsure; just taste,
Don't undulate; just utopia,
Don't condition; just courage,
Don't imitate; just intimate,
Don't cremate; just create,
Don't pretend; just pursue,
Don't tarnish; just truce,
Don't rip; just ravish,
Don't camouflage; just climb,
Don't ostracize; just oasis,
Don't dread; just dimple,
Don't flinch; just fructify,
Don't scowl; just surge,
Don't negate; just nictitate,
Don't duplicate; just drape,
Don't sedate; just sanctify,
Don't laze; just levitate,
Don't emancipate; just exult,
Don't incinerate; just illuminate,
Don't fret; just fly,
Don't doom; just drool,
Don't traumatize; just tantalize,
Don't manipulate; just marry,
Don't cognize; just click,
Don't supress; just start,
Don't taunt; just taste,
Don't betray; just bond,
Don't stammer; just speak,
Don't slave; just save,
Don't abrade; just ameliorate,
Don't meander; just music,
Don't stink; just sweeten,
Don't pass; just plunge,
Don't flaunt; just fulminate,
Don't trespass; just transcend,
Don't spill; just soar,
Don't tie; just team,
Don't neigh; just navigate,
Don't slither; just swim,
Don't bray; just brain,
Don't scarecrow; just swim,
Don't avalanche; just amalgamate,
Don't kick; just kindle,
Don't trick; just take,
Don't butter; just believe,
Don't characterize; just culminate,
Don't drag; just dance,
Don't fight; just forget,
Don't chop; just cement,
Don't violate; just voice,
Don't cry; just consecrate,
Don't dump; just dangle,
Don't pounce; just persevere,
Don't rebel; just rendezvous,
Don't zany; just zeal,
Don't irk; just ink,
Don't juvenile; just jargon,
Don't quaver; just quench,
Don't disturb; just dart,
Don't fume; just ferry,
Don't erupt; just ensure,
Don't shunt; just save,
Don't show; just succeed,
Don't peep; just pedal,
Don't laze; just love,
Don't ambush; just acclimatize,
Don't breach; just begin,
Don't restrict; just race,
Don't mash; just mollify,
Don't crucify, just cease,
Don't limit; just leap,
Don't frown; just flute,
Don't weigh; just wander,
Don't terrorize; just tingle,
Don't brawl; just bingo,
Don't weep; just wonder,
Don't undulate; just ultimate,
Don't thunder; just tune,
Don't sweat; just sizzle,
Don't parasite; just paradise,
Don't reel; just real,
Don't rectify; just read,
Don't fever; just flourish,
Don't repeat; just replenish,
Don't compress; just coalesce,
Don't siren; just solace,
Don't intersperse; just interact,
Don't imbroglio; just incarcerate,
Don't levy; just light,
Don't cage; just conquer,
Don't soot; just satisfy,
Don't cross; just caress,
Don't exonerate; just erect,
Don't cogitate; just click,
Don't mutilate; just mold,
Don't soil; just settle,
Don't eradicate; just eternalize,
Don't remorse; just rejuvenate,
Don't mutilate; just mitigate,
Don't beat; just bless,
Don't shoot; just shower,
Don't lie; just listen,
Don't crash; just caress,
Don't mess; just mingle,
Don't bore; just breathe,
Don't fool; just follow,
Don't suck; just satiate,
Don't duck, just drum,
Don't ponder; just proliferate,
Don't boss; just bestow,
Don't slash; just solve,
Don't tempt; just touch,
Don't uncouth; just undo,
Don't war; just welcome,
Don't thrash; just tinkle,
Don't envy; just exult,
Don't bend; just blossom,
Don't hide; just harbor,
Don't char; just cheer,
Don't dog; just do,
Don't jail; just jingle,
Don't pamper; just prove,
Don't taunt; just team,
Don't worry; just whistle,
Don't vanish; just ventilate,
Don't assassinate; just accept,
Don't mug; just master,
Don't jam; just jolly,
Don't groan; just grin,
Don't dawdle; just dare,
Don't incinerate; just illuminate,
Don't disguise; just dream,
Don't complicate; just concentrate,
Don't plot; just philander,
Don't smoke; just smother,
Don't age; just ace,
Don't chase; just culminate,
Don't murder; just merge,
Don't emphasize; just empathize,
Don't trick; just triumph,
Don't dither; just develop,
Don't mock; just marvel,
Don't sink; just seek,
Don't insist; just implement,
Don't pin point; just prove,
Don't preach; just participate,
Don't sulk; just shine,
Don't bore; just bound,
Don't nibble; just neutralize,
Don't wriggle; just win,
Don't vain; just voyage,
Don't zigzag; just zoom,
Don't yell; just yearn,
Don't x-ray; just x-mas,
And don't utter; just unite.