Ehsan Sehgal

My Choice Is, You

Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were…

I will always choose you
Do you know why?
Because you chose me
It is, unique devotion
And the truth
I have ever seen

Wherever you live
Whatever, you are
I feel
Feelings of your heart
Waves of your passion

I hear
Rhyme of your heartbeat
Murmur of your honey lips
Breeze of your breaths

I imagine
Blink of your eyelashes
Inspiration of your smile
Magic of your body moves
Sound of your shower
Reverberations of changing
The body, on the bed

I just want to be there
To hold you in my arms
To prove
I have chosen you
Not only for a day
But for the entire of my life.