A Visionary Love

Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were…

I love such a gorgeous
And pretty one
That doesn't exist
I visualise her shape
Her body, eyes, lips
Nose, eyebrows
Forehead, hair
Arms, fingers, legs
As an artist does his work
With suitable colours
And critically takes a look
To finish his work
Similarly, I do the same
I realise
Her physical invisibility
But she dances, in my eyes
She sings in my ears
She breathes in my heartbeat
She lives in my thoughts
She goes nowhere
She always stays with me
She demands nothing
Her perfect body figure
And heavenly fragrance
Keep me glorious and happy
It is a beautiful feeling
I do not want
To make her visible
Visibility will destroy her
And it causes
My visionary death.

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