Jaswant behari


I am from Orlando Florida. Ever since high school days I have a deep passion and love for poetry. Poetry is the inner transition of one's self. Its manifestation is deep and endless.

Love ! A tremendous word with the most delicate of touches.
Its strength will never be measured by its fragility,
and no worldly power will ever move it.
Created by God,
it's the priceless jewel that covered the earth.
Inhibited by the mind, its abode is the heart.
Like a touch of painting expressing the artist's infinity,
so its richness is scattered everywhere.
The sunrise, the sunset, and the great pastoral lands nurturing the innocent animals are all saturated with love.
Love is pure and divine, even gold is alloyed.
The magnetism of love is vast.
Can anyone forget the story of Romeo and Juliet, or the last dialogue between Sohrab and Rustum ?
Cultures have been broken, discipline put aside, parents ignored, and even death is chanced, just to give way to this unchallengeable, that is so complex.
Perhaps, none will live to give a complete description,
but we are all energized by it.
Millions worship god in the name of love.
Once created, it has been immortalized.
As such, I avow that God is love, indestructible, incomparable, most compassionate and it resides in the heart.
  By Jaswant Behari.

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