liam o'comain

A Little County Derry Cottage

A Little County Derry Cottage.
Oh, to have a little cottage
Alongside a wee river
Called the Roe not far from
Lough Foyle in the Irish county
Of Derry.

A county permeated by the culture
Of The Gael. In fact the valley under
Consideration is the birth place of
The soul of Danny Boy. That is, the
Internationally acclaimed ballad
Containing the words: “The pipes,
The pipes, are calling from glen to
Glen and down the mountainsides…”

The latter is a beautiful art within
The cottage and its environment
Alongside residents who are number
One and the sole reason for the present
Versification which refers to the country,
The county, the valley, and the town of my
Birth and upbringing.

Set in the northern province of the isle of the
Shamrock the local area is beyond description-
A gem of a painting of Irish nature whose
Construction is one of God’s Best! A work of
Art shared by a people where ‘love’, which is
God’s nature, is in growth.

As for ‘the cottage’ it is a figment of ones
Imagination. However, when I recall it I think of
A home in a wee house around the nineteen fifties
And also the nineteen sixties planted in a field of
Joy and happiness. Where, under the auspices of
Mary and ‘Bar The Door, Willie’, soccer, cricket,
And pigeon racing added to the friendship of
Our community.