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Phoenix is a young poet, who has been through alot of challenges, yet strong and full of hope. She writes through shades of despair, aiming to reach out to the lost, torn and broken. Providing strength and encouragement in her own little way.

If you ever wonder why I disappeared, the answer is, your friend gave you out.
I was made to see, that, being clothed with success, does not take the street out of a man.
I thought You were the man I saw, the one I followed, also fell in love with I guess,
But now I realise, it was just the figure.

Which is more painful?
Never getting to meet the one I love?
Or, still loving, when I know its an endless tunnel?
Oh! my dear celebrity, If only that figure was real.

When we started, you were as the shining sun,
Each edge you turned, beamed the beauty of excellence.
I closed my eyes, letting your soothing rays tan my supple skin,
Why does it burn?, Alas! I opened my eyes to the red sun.

If we started over again, caring differently, as you said,
I tell you, the only thing that would change was Us.
You would be more worthy, and I would be more willing,
Eventually, you would win, both my body and soul, exactly like you planned.

Pain is my friend, crying is music to my ears,
So I got over you, sooner than I expected.
If you ever wonder who gave you out,
Remember I asked about him.