Hello Ive been writing since the age of 10, I continue to write and allow the Voices to speak their truth.

Tsk task, this ,that
I don’t know where my mommy’s at?
Is she here? is she there?
Ive heard shes been seen everywhere,
I need you now, I want you here,
I"ll be a big girl and not shed any tears.
I heard stories people say,
 that she smokes crack everyday,
What is crack I ask my friend?
 She doesn’t know shes only ten,
So in the morn I open my eyes,
My mom’s not there I wanna cry.
Who do I look to,
Who do I tell,
It hurts so bad I wanna yell.
But I keep the scream inside,
I want to curl up in a corner and hide,
I see her in and out the door,
I see her talking on the phone.
She’s always sleeping when I get home,
I feel so sad , so all alone.
She always looks sleepy, and her clothes don’t fit,
And Im scared of her boyfriend cause he always hits.
Is it my fault ? Yeah it must be,
Why my mommy loves something more than me.
Was my grades not good, was I so bad,
Did I do something to make her that mad.
That she wouldn’t love me anymore
 That she doesn’t look back when she runs out the door.
Mommy I love you please don’t leave,
Without you here I feel I cant breathe.
Im home alone the cupboard is bare,
So I call my grandma, to eat over there.
My granny says baby it will be okay,
Our Creator is going to make a way.
Then she wraps me up in a great big hug,
And we say a prayer to our Creator above.
Watch over my mommy, please keep her safe,
Keep her in your warm embrace.
Please Heavenly Creator bring my mommy back,
Release her from that demon that they call crack!

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