Patricia Fritsche

You and I

Pursued my passion for composition, exploring of mind and emotions and bringing light, somehow to our earth in transition needing help and change. From the seventies till now one can see its outcome. Love being a part of the writing community in whatever degree.

Sun sat down,
  and, cried one day
as it looked down below.

Wind sharp shooting anything in way,
  leaves twirling in lost daze
barren clouds wearing long face

no faucet
  here to be turned on, or off.

Earth, as humble on fallen knees
sometimes, the drone of rickety
laughter takes for granted
  the strength of shade, gets a bit much

knowing doings of long standings
proud and tall
 in nature's summit is good.

The shovel of life leaving sweat
on paralyzed ash
hoping something new and better
  will take hold,

and follow in this politically
correct kingdom of our first,
  and last breath.