Alexander Pope

On a certain Lady at Court

Alexander Pope (1688-1744) is regarded as one of the greatest English poets, and the foremost poet of the early eighteenth century. He is best known for his satirical and discursive poetry, including The Rape of the Lock, The Dunciad, and An Essay on Criticism, as well as for his translation of Hom…

I know the thing that's most uncommon;
  (Envy be silent and attend!)
I know a Reasonable Woman,
  Handsome and witty, yet a Friend.

Not warp'd by Passion, aw'd by Rumour,
  Not grave thro' Pride, or gay thro' Folly,
An equal Mixture of good Humour,
  And sensible soft Melancholy.

`Has she no Faults then (Envy says) Sir?'
  Yes she has one, I must aver:
When all the World comspires to praise her,
  The Woman's deaf, and does not hear.