Liam Ó Comáin

The Anti Christ Political Party.

An Irish poet now living in Derry City but originally from Limavady in County Derry in the north of the Island.

The Irish Democratic Unionist Party
Formed by Dr. Ian Paisley- a departed
Person who apparently placed much
Emphasis on the Christian Bible but
Didn’t accept the Word of Jesus when
Christ said ‘This is my body- his is
My blood…’

A reflection which reflects the lies of
The D.U.P. which in reality is a bigoted
Anti-Catholic party who contend that the
Pope is Anti-Christ. A party which overlooks
The truth that St. Peter was used by Jesus as
The basis of building his one and only Church.

The DUP akin to many others who claim to be
Christian ignore the truth that there are
Thousands of Churches, movements, and
Groups who claim to be the Church of Christ.
But were never established by Christ upon
The Rock that is Peter.

Of course history records a so called Reform
Movement which in reality was a movement
Of deformation. An alleged reformation
Manipulated by the Father of lies to
Destroy God’s Will. For after all
‘Divide and conquer’ is paramount
As confirmed by the history of Ireland.

Yes, our subject, is a party which uses
Religion for political purposes. A use
Which conveniently overlooks or ignores the
Claim of Jesus: ‘By this shall all know that
You are my disciples- by the love you have
For one another’.

Therefore, how can one be a Christian or a Democrat
If one ignores the Will of God who is Love? The love that
Our species require in order to respect our species
And form a world of Peace based upon Love?

Thus, apparently, Satan is still very active!
As the DUP are aware.