Kayla Bailey Jay

The Time Has Come

Married with two boys.

The time has come
Although it already came.
Disappearing like a sprinkle of dust
Moments like this you shouldn't trust.

The time has come
But I was too late.
To see where this was going
I lost control of my final fate.

The time has come
There is nowheres to go.
Everything that mattered was taken away
You didnt love me, you chose not to stay.

The time has come
Death was given ,for us to have life
But it was wasted on me
I failed as a wife.

The time has come he said
I give up on you
Why cant you get that through your head?

You're useless, such a pathetic joke
You are wasting my time.

The time has come he looked at me and said.
Thats when I knew
Im going to be better off dead.

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