Liam Ó Comáin

Fifty Years On

An Irish poet now living in Derry City but originally from Limavady in County Derry in the north of the Island.

(Duke Street, Derry, 1968)

The followers of those who opposed the initial march
Marched fifty years later in commemoration
Not far from the Foyle river.

The original march was in pursuit of Civil Rights –
But is the life of a child in its mother’s womb
Not the greatest of all rights?

Yet, those who support abortion in the womb
Had the cheek to commemorate the
Events of nineteen and sixty two.

But a reflection of the egotistical reality
Which has been shown by those who
Were not involved but claim to be.

Including a political party or movement
Who initially opposed the campaign for
Civil rights…

In conclusion, let us recall with pride those
Who proposed the establishment of
The Civil Rights Movement…

And those who organised events fifty years ago
And let us not forget the truth of :
“We shall- we shall overcome!”