Liam Ó Comáin

A Derry Colleen.

An Irish poet now living in Derry City but originally from Limavady in County Derry in the north of the Island.

Born and reared by the Foyle
Within the city of Derry
A young girl of beauty
And a person of renown.

With the Rose of Tralee
And the girl from Omagh
A comparison with our
Colleen is not to be found.

Available, always, for what
Could be provided on both
Sides of the Foyle on
Its way to the sea.

Oh, the colleen of Derry
Will always be remembered
As the star of our city’s
Loving memory.

An epitome of love,
An example to follow,
As we all continue our journey
 To the end of life’s abode.