A Million Year

Happiest Man Alive - an African Poet

Aye, you make me feel this way.
Every time I see you,
My mind, loses itself.
My expressions turn serious, with love.

You are not as fine, as I see,
 But you are, my madness.
Madness, I love so dearly.
Madness that, makes me feel good.
Madness, my friends will love.
Madness I proudly tell about.
Madness, of eternity.
Madness, I keep.

You are the shape of my goddess.
When I think of you,
My competing arise.
I love the fact,
You play around, with guys.
Trying to play me.

I'm smooth,
I bring down anything,
 Standing between me and the one I love.
But my stand is still.

It is only you, I need.
With me, nothing else will you need.
I understand, my presence,
Keeps you around.

That’s what I like.
To know your smile,
Lights up my moment.
Can't go a day, without that.
Can't go a day, without this.
Can't go a day, without you.

No ring alone can prove my love,
But if that is what you want,
I will tell God,
I will be with you forever.

But let’s move slowly,
Let's understand our feelings,
Because I will love you,
For a million years.