I lived not knowing that deep depression was her rotten curse she was sitting in the back of the classroom looking kinda hurt planned it all out in my head to talk to her but nope not a blurt if you want real savings then go find a church night came party at Rodney's “yo man stop standing and go and get your flirt” loved taking pictures to show the art at work stars glistening and in the back the same girl squeezing her arms like her body hurts and little did I know that that night she was planning worse didn't really know why I should give a damn but I lied of course but not enough time to go and tell her first cause by the time I found her she was under but above the earth her body laying in the pool slipping as I got closer wondering what should I do sis please don't go shedding tears wondering where we could have been if we got rid of our issues of being separated by force because of a selfish divorce but I just want to say I miss you, your dear brother. -Bang