H for Higher.


Twitches feeling stitches in my ditches
Formation to full my blood with witches
But why call them out the ignorance
of what was told to fool the belligerent
Continue the rush of dust of Arctic Covenant
Rise me my king as we lift from the arcade
Who's next is the maze in the creeper's lie
Full with confusion, stubbles, condolences
Poison in thyme covered in Slime
Silly me ! is That a crime?
As they Waltz away from time.
Breathing carefully, the hole sinked in
The spot wiggles the wisdom in
Feeding me confidence I once hid
From myself when I fear me in the dead end
When energy itself flip flops and trips you in
Same ol' dividends and plastic bins
to carry your balls your ribbons and bow'rets in
writer's block touch the skin is sin
to follow your fear is a trend
when will it ever end
you break them table legs
Raise your back, pop the gland
spread like butter, swim slap they mother
we faded to the x rated
your existence is terminated


Love us or hate it
Give one , All make it
Check Base and take it
Ease space or break it
We all gon' make it
Reach higher to save it
reach higher to save it

but save yourself.
did you save yourself..

Now save the one who birthed you
Now save the one who chooses you
Now save the one who loves you
Now save the ones you love too.

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