Robert curran

War and peace

Bob fell into writing as an exercise in learning word pad, and dedicated his book of poetry,”Rainbows” to his parents who gave him the computer.

In Schoolboy days there's right and wrong
As adults, with wine, women, and song
We often get it wrong
We sometimes can't get enough
Sometimes even the sports get rough
Men are a complex mix of mood and emotion
Sometimes our male bravado puts us in motion
But with all the movers and shakers
Our national pride goes along for the ride
When we win, we shout victory
But in war there’s blood spilled over our differences and tears
When peace comes, we savor it over the fears
We are the only animals that kill our own kind
Something’s wrong but what it is we cannot find
Maybe war is a disease
And someday there'll be a pill
However, who will be the first to take the cure
It’ll become all we know and it had better be pure
We are men, but all human beings aside
We do it sometimes over the women who are on the outside
Would it be better if women were in charge?
The problem is women’s egos aren't as large
Maybe it’s all a head game
As we all live and die in vain