Robert curran

Lo salt diet

Bob fell into writing as an exercise in learning word pad, and dedicated his book of poetry,”Rainbows” to his parents who gave him the computer.

Why won't the animals dance?
Seems once upon a time they could prance
Somehow, it's my entire fault
As I struggle with my diet
Trying to reduce the salt
Once the animals were happy
When I was small
Maybe now I’m above it all
I’m kicking like a horse in a stall
The hi salt habit is hard to break
All I want is a good steak
This crazy diet will ruin it all
I’ll gain all the weight back and more
After all
The answers not in a pill
Why won't the animals dance still?
This diet's no fun I can't eat what I used to
I guess I never will
Just too old and wore out
I just saw animals dance
I begin to shout
Animals might dance
However, it might be strange
Not as strange
As the food on my range
Tell that doctor he's fired
The animals won't dance
I can’t, I 'm still too tired
If you find a way to lose weight, keep the pressure down
Don’t tell anyone
Because the secret's like the animals, they're all over the town