Robert curran


Bob fell into writing as an exercise in learning word pad, and dedicated his book of poetry,”Rainbows” to his parents who gave him the computer.

Live to EAT
OR EAT to Live
To eat is the feat
Which food doesn’t matter?
It is all good to eat meat
Or lots of eggs and butter
Just don’t tell your doctor or mother
It has to be alive if it is good to eat
Rocks will not ever replace meat
Life begets life that’s all there is
Whether a plucked plant heavy with fruit
Or another living thing that’s been
Killed by some brute
Our mouths sure have us in trouble in the past
There are apples like in the Garden of Eden
but they just do not last
Today it is a diet in a pill they want
For those who overeat
In addition, probably always will
Not very satisfying but quite a feat
Doesn’t exist some say
Man still needs farms today
Nothing will ever replace food
Our bodies have always had to be fed
We just mostly eat what tastes good
Just make sure whatever it is for dinner
Is dead or processed
Boil it mashes it or cut it with a knife
Get it ready to eat
Just do not forget forks and knives
To eat with the hands is impolite
Just make sure it was killed right and blessed
Having eaten, now instead of seconds
Who wants to clean up the mess?