Robert curran


Bob fell into writing as an exercise in learning word pad, and dedicated his book of poetry,”Rainbows” to his parents who gave him the computer.

It seems to me
That we should let
The meaning of Christmas be
You want it to be a time for the wee
But it's not just presents under a tree
Jesus was born
On this day, but not in the morn
There was a star in the sky
But today we don't think of why
The star was there
So that wise men could stare
And find their way there
If you follow a dream,
It will not be what it seems
Should it come true?
You will be sad and blue
This is often true
However Jesus' main theme
Was to forgive believers and all men
Who believe in him will be saved from sin
Christmas is nigh'
Almost here by and by
We must all try
To look up in the sky
The stars still there
So say a prayer
Not away in a manger
But somewhere a child is born tonight
Merry Christmas to you and yours!