Kenneth R. Jenkins

The Common Man

Freelance writer, poet, podcast host/producer, minister,devoted husband living in Savannah, GA. Author of three books of poetry.

to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

The common man gets up in the morning
To work in. order to feed his family,
The common man struggles to make ends meet
Not letting his family go hungry,
The common man prays for his family daily
From any hurt harm or danger
That's what the common man does.

The common loves his wife and kids,
Holding things together everyday.
The common man works sunrise to sunsey
Does what he can in every way.
The common man is peaceable to his fellow man
Not in war with his neighbor
Being the kind of man who loves----
Yeah, that's what the common man does.

The common man believes in God
And all His wondrous things He do,
Prays with his family daily
He tries to be true,
True to his family and his God
That's common man as you see
And that's what he does.

Now that you know what is a common man,
And what a common man does and do,
I guess you can see my point of view
Then clearly undrstand
About the common man.

In case you haven't seen one
Look around and take a good look----
And you'll surely fine and understood
The common man and his purpose
Yes that's what the common man does.