My Sins He Forgave

Longtime writer with twelve books in publication. Three of them Poetry. : The Death Of The Playground : The Sword Of Ichiban : Searching For Crazy Horse : Darkening Sun : An Anthology Of Perception-Vol's 1 & 2 : After Midnight : Sammy And Bumpers : The Fall City Mandate : Revenge Along The War …

I stare in the mirror,
And the devil stares back
Laughing and sneering,
His taunting attack

“I bought you, I own you,
Now run, try to hide
Your soul has been mortgaged,
Your spirit denied”

I run through the barn,
And come back with a brick
At the silvery glass,
I throw and then kick

The pieces all scatter,
And smash on the floor
As a roar can be heard,
From the rafters and more

A fire has started,
The hay loft ablaze
With bats in the air,
The demon has raised

I reach in my shirt,
For the cross round my neck
For my Grandmother’s promise,
To preserve and protect…

And the heat that it carries,
Burns bright in my hand
As I point it aloft,
At the horns that now fan

“A Rosary upon you,
Return to your cave
My faith is restored,
 —my sins he forgave”

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017)