Kurt Philip Behm

Not A Child In Sight

Longtime writer with twelve books in publication. Three of them Poetry. : The Death Of The Playground : The Sword Of Ichiban : Searching For Crazy Horse : Darkening Sun : An Anthology Of Perception-Vol's 1 & 2 : After Midnight : Sammy And Bumpers : The Fall City Mandate : Revenge Along The War …

A stitch past nine on borrowed time,
  the memories come rushing back

The Wolf is feasting in Grandma’s bed,
  Red Riding Hood a snack

A Cow gets ready to jump again,
  when the moon drops from the sky

Humpty Dumpty a mess on the floor,
 —the last horseman says goodbye

The candle burns for Jack’s last jump,
  a quickening funeral pyre

The stepmother screams, Cinderella hides,
  her daughter’s dress on fire

Little Jack Horner abandons his corner,
  curds harden and whey runs aground

As Mother Goose watches the Grimm Brothers die,
  —not a child in sight to be found

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)

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