Can I have this dance?


He takes my lifeless hand
Lifts me out of my chair
I swoon, feeling just a little dizzy
I feel love unknown to any man
But evident to me? A woman?
I’ve never known you, yet I long to move about the floor with you
You’ve adorned me with jewels
Laid gems at my very feet
My love can’t compare to what I see in your eyes
And I long for the day in which we’ll meet
I sway, with the wind unmoving
Oh sweet bread and wine
I close my eyes
I gasp!
I’m still fading
You put your nail pierced hands in mine…
As we dance we seem to be floating
Our feet never touch the floor
Your eyes capture mine
I’m STILL fading…
And my heart cries out for more
You’ve given me loves sweet adventure
When I dance with you, there is NO TIME!
And as the clock strikes nine, I’m STILL FADING…
This is love so sweet, so divine

Lets take a trip…
will you travel with me?
my love is crushed…
He’s nailed to a tree
And there’s a cup
And in that cup I see a little black girl from the ghetto
Raised by bullets HE gave HIS life for you and for me!

This was the day that love died while we danced
With each step I faded a little more
Now we worship a war torn RISEN SAVIOR
Who knocks…
Without reservation




Will you please let JESUS CHRIST come into the door?