Xiaoyuan Yin

Schwann Cells

Chief protagonist of encyclopedic poetry writing in China, advocate of hermaphroditical characteristics in poetic creation. Epic Poet, author of 18 long narrative poems (up to 70 thousand lines) and 12 other series (physics, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, psychology, calligraphy, photograp…

Schwann Cells
By Xiaoyuan Yin

An insect: never wanna risk my life to fly over
This net, shaped like a fluorescent anemone, emerging out of a bleak paleness. (THAT is the nervous system of a human-being)
The spider: I’ll return at dawn, when dreams and flasks of absinthe
Are locked behind a wooden cupboard door, and I’ll sweep away the remnant of
A night of bacchanalian revelry. (The sea covers his entire mind during the nights,
Therefore when a ray of light kindles the daybreak, all waves yield underneath the hem of the sky)

A good thought flashes by – it is hyacinth blue; an evil thought flits past – oriole orange.
Yet most of the time there are just distracting grey thoughts: the gossamer of capillary currents, flowing through pearly soft metal
Some grow brighter and brighter, flickering, others dive into the cortex
And never show up again. ‘Short circuiting is inevitable, like seawater gushing into the cabin
And makes the ship list. Then an emanation from ephemeral mirages,
From tempting deliriums, and from disillusioned passions, rises overhead:… He starts to gasp with gills
like an aquatic invertebrate.’ The skin the spider has shed lies there

in the corner of the fences. Obviously no lost hiker will be seen here today.
The woman spinning in his head is as brilliant as light itself, and 100% active
But it is no more than a holographic image: purified, processed and revised by his will and his love…
Everyone has his own wilderness, ever-stretching without overlapping, like an archipelago
Scattered in the air

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