Barbara J. Bassett

Youth-Making The Transition

Single, by choice. 4 out the nest, 7 of the rest. Love the grown-up title: Grandma, with the amenities of good health, self sufficient and joyful. Tax preparer.

I'm in the transition. I've made hard my position. I did one thing I'm in admission. Now they're talking my deposition. I didn't do the other crime ,though it's simular to my first time. The judge says I'm lying, cause I did the one crime. I don't have job to pay the fine, now I have to do the time. That decision is mean! What I did was before I was 18. Lawmakers deprive me of my license but they do give me somethin- a felon on my reputation. Now I can't get a job to make a livin.
Same lawmaker snatched me from my consanguinity-trouble in my life is for infinity
So, where did I go to escape? To that stuff cops dropped in my neighborhood, I ate.