Sonia Walker

Alaskan Portrait

I have been writing poetry, short stories and articles of interest for over thirty years. Most of my writing has been published in small presses, journals and weekly community newspapers. It is enjoyable to receive positive feedback on my writing. Before retirement, I was an editor and co-publisher…

Among the vast terrain
of willow and spruce
with background of
snow-capped mountains,
eagles soar majestically,
joining clouds in unison,
while sunshine and blue sky
welcome all to nature's
living portrait of beauty.

Scattered throughout the tundra,
and along the ribbon of roadways,
the prickly, wild rose grows,
colors of yellow, pink and
deep rose among the brush,
struggling to endure
the short Alaskan summer,
 postponing the oncoming
harshness of winter with their
profuse display of color.