Vincenzo D. Bertucci

Through My Window

JIMI BERTUCCI is best known as the founding member and principal singer-songwriter for the ‘70s hit-making band ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN. Born Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in Serra San Bruno, Calabria Italy, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the young age of six. Jimi lived in a large household of relative…

Through my window there are many worlds
Some created some visible only to my eyes
The flying machines the crashing beams
Waterfalls clouds that resemble cotton balls
Aging man youthful girls purple trees
Through my window I can fly high
Converse with the moon touch the sky
Slide on rainbows soak in the rain
Build castles of sand feel no pain
Through my window she waits for me
To journey in lands of fantasy
Never a clock or time to rush
Treasures of love that ooze and gush
Through my window my music is free
Profound are the words meaning to me
Naked I stand without fault or shame
Never to judge the riches I gain
Through my window life is precious
Full of hope and unpretentious
Children laugh with sound elation
God smiles