Mark Nadin (The Deal Poet)

Her Beau

Mark Nadin has lived in Deal since his birth in 1962. Deal is a coastal town in the South East Corner of Englan on the Kent Coast Mark spent a lot of his childhood on the beach and on a farm where his love with nature began Deal was the home of the Roysl Marines School of Music and as a child he wa…

She looked out of her window
As the sun began to rise
And toiling in the distance
Was a breathtaking surprise
It was her handsome lover
Horses reigned in hand
Ploughing twenty acres
How he loved to work the land
The furrows were so straight
And the gulls were on the floor
As they had been yesterday
And many times before
She went down to the kitchen
In her gown of cotton lace
And as she made his breakfast
Her heart began to race
They'd been lovers many years
And blessed with many things
He was all the world to her
And she was all to him
The range fire rising gently
The kettle boiling up
Soon she'd have a cup of tea
That she would would gently sup
She went up to her window
And looked out just once more
The horses they were in the field
He was almost at their door
She ran down stairs to greet him
And flung wide the wooden door
And kissed him gently on the lips
As she had every day before
They sat there having breakfast
It was bacon eggs and toast
A pot of tea for two to share
For dinner they'd have roast
It may have been the same each day
And for all those years before
But today was very special
As he was turning eighty four