Alan Parry-Booth

Handling old age

Born in the valleys of Wales in 1931..His first poem was published when he was only seven years old..Bard to WELSH GUARDS RE-UNITED.and a regular contributor to several other organizations..Alan has written many hundreds of poems during his long life. J.H. 2015


Last Birthday I was eighty-three
Yet I feel twenty-nine
My appetite is excellent
And I do enjoy my wine.

I still feel quite presentable
Though my hair is rather thin
My poor old six-pack disappeared
But life still makes me grin.

I wake up every morning
And kiss my darling wife
Then enjoy the type of breakfast
That involves a fork and knife.

I’m aware that surplus calories
Can make the stomach bulge
So after morning coffee
Active hobbies I’ll indulge.

Perhaps I’ll carve a lovespoon
Or construct a shepherds crook
Selecting super bits of wood
Out of my storage nook.

Some has been there fifty years
With unique grain and hues
Rejected almost every time
As much too good to use.

Then lunchtime comes and after that
I might just sit and yap
 Sometimes I’ll write a verse or two
Or even take a nap.

I don’t think that I overwork
I really like to cook
Or sit in my reclining chair
Relaxing with a book.

And soon it’s time for dinner
And I’m always in the mood
For a glass of vintage grape juice
And a plate of tasty food.

My mind is pretty active
But for safety I take notes
Of funny things that happen
And amusing anecdotes.

Yes I’m filling up my scrapbook
With memories, hopes and fears
So I can go on writing verse
For another twenty years.

Alan Parry-Booth...............4.11.14.