Alan Parry-Booth

Angelic voices

Born in the valleys of Wales in 1931..His first poem was published when he was only seven years old..Bard to WELSH GUARDS RE-UNITED.and a regular contributor to several other organizations..Alan has written many hundreds of poems during his long life. J.H. 2015


Down at Bream in the Forest of Dean
Lived a beautiful lady called Jean
With a figure so rare all the lads stopped to stare
At her assets – You know what I mean.

When she taught at the junior school
Male colleagues would sit round and drool
By any inspection this girl was perfection
But Jean Farley had no time to fool.

Yes, Jean had been blessed with a voice
Which would even make angels rejoice
And the pretty young thing was destined to sing
That was her career of choice.

For months she applied for positions
Which would further her music ambitions
Then one day in the press, her guide to success
Appeared in the local editions.

A film maker Alberto Marney
Whose ancestors hailed from Killarney
With his lovely wife Joyce, was seeking a voice
For a film about Ebe Stignani.

The great mezzo who sang at La Scala
In operas by Verdi and Mahler
This beautiful diva created a fever
In many an emperors parlour.

Jean rushed to the Gloucester hotel
Where the couple had stopped for a spell
There without pre-condition she gave an audition
And the film makers let out a yell.

Yes, our lovely schoolteacher t’would seem
Has achieved everything she could dream
Her contract is signed, the fates have been kind
Hello Hollywood and Au Revoir Bream.

Alan Parry-Booth 17.05.15