Alan Parry-Booth

Cut price numismatics

Born in the valleys of Wales in 1931..His first poem was published when he was only seven years old..Bard to WELSH GUARDS RE-UNITED.and a regular contributor to several other organizations..Alan has written many hundreds of poems during his long life. J.H. 2015


Last Week I bought a box of coins
A proper pot-pourri
Lira, francs and drachmas
And marks from Germany.

Coins of every shape and size
Commonwealth and foreign
A quarter from America
And a handsome silver florin.

Copper, brass and nickel
Wartime coins of zinc
Irish change with greyhounds
Some shekels too, I think.

Most of them are rather worn
Many scars and knocks
There was a threepenny “Joey”
In the bottom of the box.

But, sorting out the coppers
I found a rare old penny
They didn’t make very many.

Such a find just goes to show
You don’t need a detector
Just mooch around some junk shops
And become a coin collector.

Alan Parry-Booth................11th November 2015.