Divine Beauty (1)

EMTSBA III is a man who has 9 lives and lives like a cat; for three he fights, for three he laughs, for three he writes! He has the writing reflex, or so they say. His early formative years spent travelling different countries, living in a multilingual household and growing up among a dozen of otheā€¦

In the morning you take my breath away.
Certainly touching my skin you've a way,
to keep me wanting more of you every day.

My heart melts before the darkness of night.
Consoled after the darkness is your light.
Aglow with the spirit, another days' bright.

Your radiance is overwhelming most times.
I can barely look at you straight in the eyes.
Your strength lifts me up to the very highs.
Everyone around you warmth full of smiles.

And that's just us in a city play!
Take a walk with me to the beach!

Countless love like the grains of the sand.
Happiness abound and days are grand.
Spread love like walking hand in hand.

And I ain't even jealous everyone gets a piece of you.
Take away the monstrous, there's peace in you.
Glad enough you can inspire me to write this for you.

Oh dear, what kind of a man am I?
Oh yes, man that appreciates your kind!

Soon though you'd walk away,
like you did just yesterday.
Flirting with darkness,
showing your shyness,
setting in your love nest.

I shall catch a glimpse when you rise again.
It's a catch 22 for such love is in vain,
But I much rather have you than the rain.

Oh dear, what kind of a man am I?

Before you judge me, I'm just talking about the Sunshine.
Ain't she such a natural beauty divine!?!"

- By EMTSBA III - The Writing Reflex

(Written on July 30, 2015 whiles watching the sun set in good old Cardiff Bay, reflecting on the beauty of its shine.)

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