Anastasia degrey

Stuck in this bag

About addiction

Drug curse N 'm stuck in this bag that's where the bag will Check y out the life of your hands destruct your body and mind soul n you'll be an old hag with bunch of luggage and bagsinside falen destruct cuz I'm a memory of the flavor that lasts is stay on my head my mind my dreams it up till I can not scream I looked back starting to disappear soon it will be gone never to appear stick a needle pick.. Its in point by point crack pipe rack the needle gets dull and then it won't stick.

This is my weapon you are my D then I will force you to live without your family without your love without any memory to keep you from going insane you will live in this bag and it will be a me blame I will make derail you r reinsm.. for days staying awake wishing you weren't so crazy knowing there's nothing more to live for and shoving a needle deep in your veins making it bleed wash away the pain like a brainwashing message it falls down and rain living tortured hell cuz you deranged padded rooms are enough for you because when it's over you'll be in town I won't be able to look around to see you all these turnabout was disappeared in the instant that you became sad nothing more than a friend left with the dead shaggy knocked up on the outside but inside you're crying screaming no more the pain that is washed up on the shore beaten and battered and bruised tortured and left because you're just a piece of property has been used and taken advantage of so they can become a better citizen of this great valley a hell of a place to raise a family were you will be considered in this crazy never to look them in the face can store them in the eyes because you were blind by the side of your addiction the face when the morning to get to grace now I'm about to sit down and walk away cuz I have a look you in the face and no there's nothing more than empty shell block in pain and tortured help wash my hands and holy water nothing for burns and shallow walls that follow me and then there's nothing at all not a heart or a bandage it all just to shrivel up piece of your cell fragment in frame like there's nothing love to be a where is nothing left but this Curse...
See you in hell we are in the back of a hearse