Camelbacks of Peavine

Began Writing; 1939: Poems, Vignettes, Tutorials: Weekly column in 'Antique Week' tabloid newspaper re/antiques, collectibles: 'FaberHaus Ink'. newsletter. Wrote, produced myriad Amateur Radio, On Air specials.

The camel-backs of Peavine,
  are part of an ancient band.

Surely they were placed there,
  by a strong and ancient Hand.

We see their campfires gleaming
  and winking in the night.

For those of us in Reno-town,
  'tis a warm and cheery sight.

We'll keep the night-watch with them,
  and await the early dawn.

Hoping that by morning's light, we'll find,
  that indeed;
  They have not gone: