Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel

August visitors

Born 18th October 1987, Indigene of Bekwarra Cross River State, Nigeria. Phone: 08162168283.

You see them not,until every election period.
They come with all sort of manifestos and promises.
Hear them saying "here I am send me, the people choice, give me your mandate and so on".
It is the time to see them live in our town hall, village square, play ground, churches, social media and institutions begging us to send them.

Oh the poor masses so blind and powerless.
It is time for the caucus to enrich themselves while the poor masses maimed, castigate and kill themselves over few cubes of maggi and some tin of rice.
In this game the cap belongs to he who can buy delegates, party caucus and political thugs.
Credibility here is of lip service.
Yes, your wealth and purchasing power is your credibility.
It is a clear case of buying the sheep with it children(settle the ogas, the boys are yours).

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